We’ve been driving past this sign on the outskirts of Stirling for months and have been closing our eyes every time we pass this example of design horror. So it is with not even remote surprise to see that the restaurant this was attached to has now closed down. And this wasn’t even their worst sign. The worst one had a clipart picture of a pizza and was ten feet across. Who would see this sign and decide to eat there? Who is this sign intended to lure in? What dining experience does this promise? Would you eat there? Did you eat there? Did the food match the signage? For all we know the food was superb and the staff were brilliant and we all missed out on the dining experience of a life time, but with a homemade identity as bad as this we were never going to do anything but accelerate past. When it comes to your image, ‘it’ll do’, or ‘we can do that ourselves’ can be a far more expensive prospect than you imagine. Bad design can kill your business.