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colleges scotland logo

Colleges Scotland Logo

Colleges Scotland and its sister organisation, College Development Network (logo below), had a very specific visual identity requirement.  They are separate companies but they had a requirement to be be seen a part of the same family of organisations.  The solution to this logo brief lay in building the logos with the same basic forms and then differentiating with layout and colour.  The Colleges Scotland logo uses a custom font and two hemispheres arranged to form the initials of the organisation, a ‘C’ and an ‘S’.

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CDN logo

College Development Network Logo

To emphasise that they are a part of the same family of organisations, the College Development Network logo is built from the same basic elements and custom font as the Colleges Scotland logo (above).  The College Development Network logo uses three hemispheres arranged in a circle to form the initials of the organisation, a ‘C’,’D’ and an ‘N’.

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parallel 57 logo

Parallel 57 Logo

The brief for this logo was for a simple, sophisticated mark to reflect the high end clientele that Parallel57 serve.  This text based solution turned out to be the most approprite of the many versions we tested, and as unassuming as it is, we think it’s an extremely successful piece of work.

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resource logo

Re:Source Logo

A simple text-based logo required to work as a sub-brand of College Development Network.

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coaching logo

Coaching Logo

This is a very effective piece of work created for an educational group focusing on … well, hopefully it’s obvious.

tadasana logo

Tadasana Health and Fitness Logo

A great client who wanted to evoke with their logo the feeling of the inner energy flow that tadasana yoga practice creates.  We loved working on this project and are delighted with the results.

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annual awards logo

Annual Awards Logo

An awards ceremony event logo.  What we were trying to acheive with this logo was a sense of occasion and quality, so we based the logo on the idea of the lettering which may have appeared on a smoked glass panel in the door to the first class passenger lounge on a nineteen thirties luxury liner.  On the other side of this logo, an unforgettable experience awaits.

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impact logo

Impact Group Logo

This is a really pretty logo for a group of leadership candidates organising a self-mentoring group to enable them reach the very top of their profession.  The group no longer exists as entirely as a result of the beautiful logo (probably), the group members are all now at the very top of their professional trees.

verify logo

Verify-UK Logo

Verify-UK Ltd is an independent regulator for international Student Recruitment Agents working with institutions in the UK.  They came to us with a brief for a solid and dependable looking logo incorporating a tick to indicate a successful verification process.  We spent a lot of time working to achieve the right balance between the tick and the V shape and making it work as both forms, and we are really pleased with the results.

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quantum logo

Quantum Marketing Solutions Logo

Quantum Marketing Solutions is a friendly marketing and business development consultancy.  We designed their logo with the letter Q forming both a gateway and a path, the idea being how Quantum can guide you through the marketing process.

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marketing awards logo

Marketing Awards Logo

A colourful and informal logo for the CDN Marketing Awards.  Part of a complete suite of printed, digital materials and photography produced for this high profile annual event.

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EDI logo

EDI Logo

The brief for this logo was to produce a friendly ‘badge type’ logo for marking printed and web materials which met EDI requirements.

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DescriptionWe LOVE logo design and if you want a great logo the process starts with you.  Think about your business as if it were a person, what personality traits is it important that your business should have?  Is it friendly, solid, fashionable, green, dangerous, French?  Whatever they are, make a list of them, go for about 15 characteristics.  Once you have them all, narrow it down to the most important five.  Once you have the five, narrow those down to three.  Those three key brand characteristics are our starting point for your logo design.