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interchange logo

Interchange Logo

Interchange aims to provide interactive, motivational and engaging learning experiences for people in education, business and the arts.  For their logo they wanted to communicate friendliness and diverse ways of learning, as represented by the multitude of differently coloured dots.  This project was a pleasure to work on and we think the result speaks volumes about the client’s understanding of what a good collaborative design process can achieve.  We love the way this logo turned out.

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FODI logo

Festival of Dangerous Ideas Logo

A great project to be involved in, this logo required the development of ‘Dangerous Ed’ a lightbulb cartoon character named after Thomas Edison.  A lot of work went into getting his expression just right and he has become the instantly identifiable symbol for a highly successful annual programme of events

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quick logo

Quick Logo

This logo was developed as the banner header for Quick Magazine, an education sector quarterly newsletter.

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CMCM logo

Children’s Medical Care Malawi Logo

Children’s Medical Care Malawi is a charity dedicated to providing training and support for Malawian healthcare workers giving them knowledge and skills in the emergency management of sick children.

The logo is based on a mother and child, and on the sling in which Malawian women carry their young children.  The colours are based on the Malawi flag.

“How can one person make a big difference?  By training another twenty people how to make a small difference.”

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Scotlamd's best logo

Scotland’s Best Awards Logo

A really pretty piece of work which we’re very pround of, for a project that is still in development.  An award celebrating the best of Scotland without the restrictions of pre-defined categories.  Simply looking for Scotland’s Best,in whatever form that may take.

Business Week logo

Business Week Logo

Business week was a project which hosted a range of events to bring businesses and colleges together for mutual benefit.

Big Breakfast Logo

Big Business Breakfast Logo

The Big Business Breakfast was a part of Business Week.  Colleges hosted breakfast meetings with businesses to explore what they could offer the business community. We really like this logo.

Falkrik Gymnastics logo

Falkrik Adult Gymnastics Logo

Falkirk Adult Gymnastics Club were keen to emphasise in their logo that their club, and gymnastics in general, should not be viewed as principally or only for women, but that equal emphasis should be given to its membership of both sexes.

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ESPA logo


Educational Sector Personal Assistants (ESPA) wanted a logo.  They knew what they wanted, they wanted the initials inside a shape.  They looked at a lot of shapes and then they picked this one.  Then they picked a colour. Not a difficult or ground breaking brief, but a good solid logo and a bunch of very happy clients.

Openspace logo

Openspace Logo

A logo for some conference facilities.  Simple, corporate and to the point.

Transenet logo

Transenet Logo

The Transnational Educational Network -Transenet- was a European educational project designed to facilitate access to shared innovative approaches to learning and teaching, technological tools and in particular to facilitate an exchange of subject-specific and technical knowledge transfer.  Try sticking all that in a logo, not easy, but goddammit we gave it our very best shot.  A lesson in process for us all.

COPAL logo


Another educational group logo and one that we think works very well.  It expresses community, it expresses people and it expresses best practice.  A potentially dry subject matter visually lifted well above the ordinary.

ProjectSome More Logos


DescriptionOur logo designs always begin with pencil and paper. This allows us to quickly test out a lot of ideas, establish what might work and what won't, and give our clients as wide a possible starting point for their logo with a consultation on the benefits and pitfalls of all the possible options, before we move on to the computers and start to refine.